Car Holster


No matter what holster system you carry on your person, you are technically “unarmed” when sitting or driving in your vehicle.
The amount of time it would take to manoeuvre your body, take off your seat belt and get a safe grip on your firearm could far exceed the time needed to respond to the threat.
After months of innovating and testing we, the Sniper Gear Team, have finally come up with the answer to the countless hijackings and vehicle assults we hear about on a daily basis. As the car holster has been invented by us in South Africa you won‘t find a similar product anywhere else in the world that guarantees your safety and the one you want to protect. The unique design allows an immediate and full grip on your firearm far quicker than any other holster system.
The holster comes with screws and spacers for dashboard mounting.


Please NOTE:
The Retention Screw & Belt Loop options are not available for this product

Gun Make & Model



Kydex Design Patterns

Inner Suede Layer (Black)