Appendix Carry with Spare Magazine Pouch


So, you are into appendix carry ?
Well, we have developed a product well ahead of it’s time that could really work for you.Our new appendix + spare magazine holster is the most advanced, practical and comfortable holster money can buy today. Why are we saying that ? Let us explain some features:
We implemented a flexible spine between the mag pouch and holster which allows the two halves to adapt to the natural shape of your body. Regardless if you are a tiny lady or a huge dude, the holster will follow automatically your body contour. We also added paracord to the slide section to guide the firearm safely into the holster and provide a visual reference which makes re-holstering easier and safer for many people. We have chosen a two clip system in order to balance the holster equally and avoid discomfort. The mounted claw supports the high level of concealment and provides the carrier a secure feeling. We have several different Kydex / Paracord combination available, please advice on your preferences when ordering. Please watch our product video.

Our hybrid holsters are available for appendix carry for quite a while now, but we also want to help those firearm owners who appreciate the feel of pure Kydex.

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