Ankle holster


If you are looking for the perfect ankle holster, you found it.
With the Sniper Ankle Rig AR-1 we developed a complete new concept how to carry a Back Up Gun at your leg.
Regardless if you’re a bodyguard, law enforcement or a armed civilian, the comfort of our AR-1 will blow your mind. Made of neoprene and other high tech fabrics, the AR-1 keeps your BUG safe, snug and secure to your leg. The holster also features a spare mag pouch and due to the front zipper, you put the gear on and off within seconds. It is designed to fit all standard BUG's like Glock 43, S&W shield etc. The holster can also carry larger guns but we recommend to be reasonable when it comes to Back Up Guns. We manufacture this product in different sizes Small, Medium, Large .
(Widest part of carve S =36CM, M= 39-40 cm L 41-43 cm )



S, M, L

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