Inner Suede


Our inner suede layer is made from a very durable, high quality material which we import from Japan.
It is soft to the touch but so strong it protect your firearm from scratches. Sniper Gear is the only company worldwide to offer an inner suede layer to their entire custom product range.


After many months of try and error, we found the right bonding solution and learned how to work with the material. We realised, we have to apply 12 tons of pressure as well as heat to bond the two components. In order to accomplish a permanent and peel off resistant bond it takes us today 10 different steps. From here we went through a durability testing phase. We drew a firearm 10.000 times from a layered holster, let it sit in water for 2 days and baked it at 60 degrees for hours. The current conditions of these tortured products can be inspected at our workshop. Many customers ask us if we are able to add the suede layer to existing products.
The answer is: unfortunately not. Simply because we bond the two components before moulding the desired product.


Why add the suede inner layer?

People tend to think that Kydex can damage the firearm but since metal is much stronger than plastic, only the dust and sand collected overtime can wear off the coating. Of course,  provided the gear is manufactured correctly.

The inner suede layer reduces dust contact ( friction ) between your slide and the holster material by absorbing such particles.
The softness of the material allows for a much smoother draw but still gives the positive retention click only sleeker.


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